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Nj Marble Show 2012

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Hello all, it has been quite some time since I visited the boards, sad to see so many old friends now playing ringer in peace.

I have been busy with my own shop, making glass and chasing my dreams, so far things are going well.

I am starting a local marbles tournament and plan to start a new marble show for June 2012, the same week as the nationals tournament!

Anyone interested in a late June show please contact me, I have many locations to choose from as well as support from our city council.

If all goes well it could be another great show like the old "marble weekend" at Wheaton Village.

[email protected]

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I'm so glad someone is putting a show together around the time of the National Marbles Tournament. I'm there every year and am always looking for people to talk collecting with. Please let me know if you need anything. I've ran Marble Camps and held tournaments in the past to qualify players in the Nationals. I've also coached a few kids to play in the Nationals.

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