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Tracers....to Be Or Not To Be, That Is The ?

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gallery_1844_92_5961.jpgTHis mib is the one in question....in the last 3 pictures you can see it has what appears to be the same exact white and yellow as the yellow tracer, but the base color is not the moss white but a chocolate milk base... What are your thoughts; tracer or not?





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Hi Jill, first HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Here is my thoughts on the family of tracers. The four common types of them are from the easiest to the hardest is the red, yellow, blue and then green. These have a transluscent/opaquish base with the ribbons of the four colors mentioned with the white opaque ribbon edging the colored ribbons. There are more of these types in the similiar family but have varied color combinations to them. The tan one you posted(bacon and eggs as they call it) Is one of these types. As Bill says a bit harder to find. I have found other tracer types with different colors to the ribbons but i feel these still fall into the family of tracer types. Good post and a lot to learn on these types of tracers. Chuck G--

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