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Free Marbles In Give Away Bags From The 50's


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Hi all I just got two bags one you can see the Vitro marbles a nice bunch of then what ever there called . I wonder where they could be from since on the header all it says is Free when you buy this package , and the other bag is just plain with 6 marbles in the sealed package . I would think very early 50's . just think that the package that can not see inside has not been opened in at least 55 or so years . when held in a light they look like cat eyes peltier banana ?? so The guy I got them from said the un marked was from cracker Jack but I know that as far as I remember the prizes wre never marbles and a lot smaller , I was thinking from a soap product ?? Mike















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Agree on the date on the Tiger Eyes, some time in the 50's. I'd guess earlier rather than later.

Agree not Cracker Jack on the maybe-pelts. Cracker Jacks did have some largish prizes - in the early days. But pretty sure marbles weren't among their prizes during the cat eye age. Not sure when Pelt introduced their cats. (I think 1954 or later.)

The only Cracker Jack marble prize I remember seeing was a single marble wrapped like a piece of hard candy, circa 1928.

Nifty items you have there ... as usual!!!

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Neat items. I see the "Free Marbles" bag from time to time and I have only seen those types of marbles in them. I have a couple of the "paper" bags and I've assumed they are from bread or cereal giveaways but no proof. Here's a pic of mine. I opened one to see the type of marbles.


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well It says free so it could be a promo for the CO trying st sell there package and the marbles are nice Vitro's but the un marked bag must be from some product and I would think more soap than cereal because of the size ?? and not being a clear package ??

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