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Ok, So I Had A Visit With My Friend Across Town

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he says someone stopped in and told him that Kokomo started to make marbles again, i said, well i dont think so,, but i guess i was wrong,, there might be a thread for this topic but somehow i missed it, take a look at some of the mibs for sale on their website,, cool,, learn something new everyday,, j


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I had heard about them a few months back and emailed someone but the info was different than what is on this site. I think there was not a choice of marbles to be placed in bag and they might end up with many of the same ones - can't remmeber for sure but I did not pursue it then. Now there is this link which shows 2 bags at $25 or $50 each and shipping is $10+ range so ....? haven't made up my mind yet.

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