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Notice: Photo Upload Issue


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It appears that our internet host changed (or they would say repaired) the way they were measuring the amount of space our uploads used.

By the current way of counting, the board is above the quota by a very large amount. Don't go deleting all your old attachments. I think a couple hundred people might have to delete to get us down below the quota. ( :

But never fear! Lou is working on the solution now. Don't know how long it will take but in the meantime, looks like we can still post, and if you have photobucket or another host, we can still see pix!


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Okay, we will not be able to upload any pics for a couple days. I am having this site transferred to a new host. Our web address may change a bit, but once moved the board will be back to normal.

This is needed to reduce the cost of board hosting which is currently $30 a month, new space would push this to over $100 a month if we stay with our current host. We have just outgrown our space.

I will let you know how we are doing with the move. Please forgive any quirks the board has during the move.


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