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What Is The Rarest Peltier Comic Marble?

Rylee Burch

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UUUUUUGGGHHH!!!! Now I know to do my studying before bidding. just gave away a peltier comic (loaf or bread) marble? And found out it was worth...... OVER $1000.00!!!!!!!!!!! AND I LET IT GO FOR 8.00!!!!! PLEASE TELL ME THE RAREST TO THE LEAST RAREST: PELTIER COMIC MARBLE THANK AND I REALLY DONT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN AGAIN! :)

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American Machine-Made Marbles gives this result from a count Alan B made of 470 Peltier comics, suggesting Koko is the least rare and Kayo is the most rare:

Koko: 61 in 470

Bimbo: 58 in 470

Emma: 49 in 470

Annie: 37 in 470

Herbie: 36 in 470

Skeezix: same

Smitty: 34 in 470

Sandy: same

Betty: same

Moon: same

Andy: 32 in 470

Kayo: 25 in 470

And then there are the specialty marbles: Tom Mix, Cotes Master Loaf, Hoover for President, Franklin Roosevelt & Babe Ruth.

Are you sure you had an original Cotes marble? I think there might be some modern reproductions. Maybe? [Edit: yes, there are modern marbles with a Cotes logo on them]

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Rylee, Steph is pretty much right on with her list. I have heard that we all know that a full set is the 12 regular comics but when they produced the two colored mib sets Coytes and Tom Mix was the other two added to make the full set and that set is 14, now that was i was told this year and some may disagree with that. Chuck G--

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And while iv got a hold of some experts on this post i would like you to please post or look at my topic that i started named " Your Prized Marble" and i love to see other peoples marbles and this talks about the marble your most proud of........ thank you sorry just had to mention that..... :}

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I am kind of confused would somebody tell me what modern means or is it like contemporary? i feel so dumb i blushing...... and im pretty sure it was on somebodys item list and it was a 1 day auction it said....... so i might be wrong.. thank you for helping me out everybody!

The Peltier comics were made in the 1930's.

Here's an example of a reproduction. It's on a relatively recent Marble King. I don't know which decade it came from but I think we can very safely say after 1970.



Here's a 1930's one, photo from a Morphy's auction:


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