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Need Help For Mib Id Please


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hi everyone, i have this marble i have put up for sale, i i'm almost positive it's a peltier superman, but i really need your help, someone wrote me and said he thinks its a mega marble? i checked on mega marbles and some of the patterns on those are very close, but the pattern on this marble is so brilliant, just beautiful !! please if someone can tell me what i truly have, im not an expert on marbles, and would NEVER miss represent anything, please help. and thank you so very much !!! .......terry



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I liked I'llhavethat1's analysis here, .

To me, it sure looks like I'm seeing way more ribbons than the Vacor version would have.

If you can take pix of the seams head on so others can count the ribbons and see how they join, that might calm some concerns.

Also, pix in a different light might help the color come through better.

I assume you provide a money back guarantee?

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hi steph, thank you for responding so fast, here are some more pic's any help will be so great, i allways will give refund if not happy, but i will take this marble off if not correct, i don't put item's on that aren't correct, so i hope this is a superman. thank you so very much steph for your help.



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thanks steph, thanks lstmmrbls, you guys have been super for helping.... i did restart my listing like you mentioned steph, with better pic's. thank you sooooooooooo much :rolleye-842: i have other old mibs i really am not sure about, that i will post in id's. man this forum is so freakin coooool !!!! thanks again !!!

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