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Early Paden City Swirl


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Hey Duffy, Gerald Witcher here. I say your Paden City Swirls. I'm trying to piece some information together on early WV Swirls. Can you share with me why you believe these came from Paden City? Since they were not dug I'm hoping someone will know if they came from a collection, or if they were just found in Paden City. Any help you can provide will be a valuable clue to my research project. Thanks.


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these came from one of my collectin buddies and he got these in a group that he bought....he was told that they came from south of paden city...they show no traits of beign dug marbles and no others that he had displayed the scratches and scuffs that come out of the digs....the glass on these are not completly opaque and not opalescent like some of the early to mid 50s st.marys m.k. have....since a patch and ribbon yellow rainbow is a rare beast im thinkin these were made at the other place...they are a smidge under 5/8...thats all i know gerald and how the person got these that my buddy got is unknown to me...there was probably 2 dozen or more...you might reasearch a train derailment between sistersville and paden city....i dont know the date but i think theres a page that has information on activity such as that and to the cargo that was lost...i know that early on in the 20s and 30s lotsa freight went by packet boats....

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More of this curious MK type...I received them without any provenance info. My theory was that these are errors made during Tricolor Rainbow production at Paden City in the 1960's, perhaps all made on the same day. I don't recall ever seeing these until just a few months ago. I got 2 from one person, one from another.

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I have had these for a while, not sure where I got them. I was under the impression they were MK until I saw this thread. I was at Canton and one person said something about Alley and now I know why.


Edit: 2 different marbles.



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