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Akro Agate Salemans Sample Box Project

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Some were wondering who bought the Akro Salemans Sample boxes on eBay awhile back. Well, it was this crazy person. I have finished the restoration on the boxes and thought I would post a few pictures. One surprise that came out of the purchase of the two boxes was the seller contacted me and said he actually had one more box. So I bought that one too and now have three boxes completed.

Here are some before pictures.




I removed the inserts completely from all three boxes and started with a clean box. I used as many of the existing inserts as I could in one of the boxes. Thanks to Art Bowles who brought one of his Salesman boxes to the Canton show in Feb. and let me take photos and measurements, it would have been really tough without that.

I made over 100 inserts for all three boxes. Each hand measured to be exactly the same as the original, cut out of cardboard, paper applied, scored and glued into boxes. Many of the boxes have riser inserts that each have to be made the same way. The green paper I recreated in Adobe Photoshop until it matched almost perfectly. Then printed out over 40 sheets on the color laser printer. The inserts with text I also made in Photoshop.

This was a painstaking labor of love for sure, and has taken about 5 or 6 weeks to complete. These are just some quick pictures, and are a much brighter than the box is in person.





Once the marbles are in the boxes, it's going to be fantastic looking. Hope you enjoy the pics.


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Thanks everybody! It was worth the effort for sure. Funny thing is, who ever sees one of these empty? Haha..once it's filled up, your eyes will only be drawn to the marbles first, and the text areas second. You really just see the edges of all the inserts.

@Mike, the clearie side is actually a yellow paper. If the green is there, all the clearies look black. It's yellow in the originals. No, I don't have the auction before pics, but I have the ones above I took before I started.


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