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Foreign Baseballs - German Or Japanese ??

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Figure 8's, I believe, Bob. Euro? Asian? Cannot recall where they came from though. (The opaque-looking one in the center-red/white-looks sorta like a creased seam?)

Just read somewhere they're also called Euro 8's so that may just have answered this

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I have found these in 5/8 th inch and 21/32 inch size and soem in 19/32 inch size. The smallest ones look like newer vintage (1950s?) and have less imprefection marks , the larger ones were all found with 1930s to early 1940s marbles. I don't know who made them..


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Good question Nutz. Here are some of mine 1/2" to 1 1/8" fig 8's on the board, 'pinch' or 'messy' pontils in the side trough. Maybe these 2 types are from the same place? My best guess is 1930's to as late as 1950's. Germany or Japan? Both were big toy importers to UK where all mine are found. My gut says Japan.


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