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Off Topic But Kinda Cool

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On Mother's Day I heard a loud ***BANG*** thinking it was a car accident. Went outside to see a 12' broken branch that hit my wife's car. Smashed the driver's side windshield, banged several big dents into the hood and hit the front bumper. Got a police report and the city to clean up the debris.

It is a 65' Liquid Amber tree the city owns on my property. 2/3 of it is totally dead. 6 weeks ago I sent the city tree removal branch an email about them removing the tree totally. The landlord's car was hit 10 years ago by the same tree. She complained 10 years ago about it too as well as asked they city to remove it...lol

Now the city will repair yet another car hit by this tree.

Good news though, this morning the tree removal truck went to work removing it.


pix 1, 2, 3




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Lou ~~ you think it's bad now just what a short while. These RWNJ that don't believe in no gub'mint will soon have us in the dark ages. The big recall on pet food was from some supposedly reputable firms located in SC. hmmm... while DeMint is busy trying to defund NPR. Those pesky federal regulations...

Rich ~~ if you can take a pic of the bark and the leaves I'd be curious. Not sweet gum though.

Sorry, way OT but you got me started.

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