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Akro?????? Did They Make These???

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This 8 1/2" pressed glass bowl is a new one on me. Could it be Akro? Or did they only do childrens dishes?

The colors are chocolate and red slag. Notice the long cut line (& turkey) on inside.

I thought it was a very busy pattern which resembled the mibs somewhat. Enjoy.



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When Imperiall went out of business their molds were sold. It's possible that it's an Imperial mold and made by some one else. L. G. Wright owned some of the molds for a while. Dalzel-Viking did too and also Mosser Glass in Cambridge, Ohio.

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Thanks everyone. After a lot more investigating it looks like L. E. Smith did it with McKee's 'Quintec' mold, and are calling the pattern 'Heritage'.

My original interest in showing it here was due to the obvious cut-line which resembles the cut-lines we have come to know and love on some of the mibs shown here at Lou's.

Since the marble companies (mostly) set up shop across from the major glass houses, then who had the first obvious cut-lines appearing on a product? Was it the fine glass houses or the marble glass factories?

Can we learn more about our beloved mibs by studying both?

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