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we had a real bad storm go through our area on friday, its 6;30 pm sunday now, and cable , phone, and internet went down friday at 6;30pm,,, i faired the storm ok its just having to dig out the dvd to keep the noise going in here so i dont go nuts, lol,, anyway,

there are trees down all over our town, they ripped up power lines cable lines ect,, i had internet for about 15 minutes after the storm then it went poof,, jeepers,, downtown and other parts are still without power,,, ya it was bad, 90mph gust

one thing i will work toward getting and thats a cell phone, you have no idea how hard it is to find a pay phone these days, they are disapearing,, lololol,,

anyway if i didnt answer your emails thats why,,, bj

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