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Yeah, let's all jump on this one. He's "not a marble expert by any means" but he knows this is a "rare one of a kind" item worth $225.


This is another one of those people who I once let know they had misidentified one of their items, but was told in no uncertain terms that I was wrong because someone else had told them something different. &^***ing idiots.

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There's a classic bartering trick where, if you ask an outrageous price to begin with, the buyer will often start with a higher offer than they would have otherwise. You basically knock their sense of proportion off. Given that he'll also accept "best offers," I expect that he's using that tactic.

Or this could be a case of a &^***ing idiot. I'm not sure what five-letter word you would substitute in for &^***, but use your imagination.

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OMG!!! I don't think I would give five bucks for all those lots.


Not that one or two aren't worth more than that...


It's funny how you can't view the item on most of those sold items. I would like to see what this one looked like. Maybe one buyer in a hundred (like this buyer) leaves a clue as to what kind of seller it is.

iconPos_16x16.gif Photos do NOT show hidden damage.

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Actually, he's probably not a crackpot at all. I just assumed that he never sold anything because his prices are so outrageous and his stuff is mostly so nondescript, and I keep seeing it over and over again, month after month.

He's a smart businessman (I guess), since he knows how to make money. Most of the time, he probably stays within legal limits and doesn't do anything blatantly dishonest.


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