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Canton Tease......this Is Why You Go On Wednesday Lol!

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I think two alleys. Usually I dont get swirls, but these were....well.....awesome. The left one looks champion, but I think I saw somewhere that it was alley instead( I think Galen posted a few a while back). The right one is in the salesman sample box. Heard they are uncommon. You dont even want to see the christensens lol.






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Here is some other stuff i got in Canton: Great Show

Some slags including a large electric yellow, electric green, a burnt amber, true orange, blue with red highlights at the base and a peewee electric yellow with electric orange swirled in

the nicer CAs I found at the show except the back two, which I got last week from a couple friends (thanks). they are a blue devil and cobra striped trans. the center one is a super hard to find color combo and is single seam. the middle right is like a striped trans, but I have heard it called a green guinea type because of the construction.

enjoy and feel free to add if you found something at the show





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