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Guess what????? I have about 5000 of Vitro Hybrid Cat's-eye marbles to sort into color combinations. I started tonight and ran out of paper bowels! Off to the market tomorrow to buy more for the different color combinations to sort - I am in marble heaven!!!!! The plastic box they are currently in is 18" long, 12" wide and 5" thick with marbles!!!!!

Anyone wanna help?...lol!!!



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Made my trip to Wally-World and got more bowls.

I am separating them into most color first, then secondary color second.

So, blue/orange is different than orange/blue. I count that as 2 categories of color.

Then when the orange - blue is equal (like 50%/50% in color), that is a 3rd category.

When I get done, I'll post all the color separation categories I end up with.

Next will be the 3 different color separation categories, followed by 4 or more color categories - more work than I planned on having!!!!!

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