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Contemps From The Texas Show


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Anyone kniow what this device is? It's made by Gerry Colman, Albuquerque, NM. The stone is a slice of the canes he makes to make marbles like the one below. Anybody know what it's used for?


Colman marble in a stand. I love the hand for holding a marble.


This is the marble that will be kept in the hand. I used the hand to take pics of all the Colman marbles I bought.

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Now, this does not fit my title, but I'm putting it all in one post. I did buy some machine mades. I bought Akro corks, Peltier one inch shooters, Champion Agate furnace marbles, some beautiful Vitro Agates and some Kokomo. I'm only going to show some Kokomos because in Texas we don't find those very often and I've been looking for some a long time.


These are Kokomo marbles. The ones separated by the poster board strip are marbles I've had since 1992. They were Weldon's childhoodl marbles. I finally found some marbles to go with them.

Anybody figure out what that first things I posted is?

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