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Found A "little" Something,on My Way Home,from Wv

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Hello, A very nice marble! I would call it shrunken core, allthough mildly shrunken;-)

I have an 12 lobed with exact the same color combination. It has the few red spots also. it is just over 2-3/8 inch. See the photo. They could be from the same maker.

Is your onionskin perhaps for sale, or trade? I would love it to have a similar onionskin in my collection. They would make a nice pair.




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Id say it is from the same "house",Jeroen.Looks identical as far as color,and stretch.

Im with you too on the shrunken core,,,it is,just not an extreme.

There could be a bidding war,with as many people that have sent me messages.

Maybe I could distract you with this little thing I found today.

Im thinking I feel lucky,with the marble finds in the last few days.Might get some lottery tickets!

over 3/4.


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