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Just A Few Marbles To Night On The Bay


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Neat cork But the Ira Fresse thing with Akro is all bologna and they didn't make corks till after 31. Here is some great info.


FRESSE, IRA: An employee of The Akro Agate Company who experimented with automatic gob feed technology in the early 1920’s, applied for two US Patents 1,529,947 and 1,529,948 in 1922. Like all early US experiments with gob feed technology, these efforts were not successful. Had these patents actually worked they’d have been the most valuable patents in the world glass industry earning many hundreds of millions of dollars in royalty fees. The first practical automatic gob feeder, applied for in 1925, by Ernst Peiler, patent purchased by a trust of major US glass companies in 1926, known as The Hartford Empire Co.; first adapted to the manufacture of marbles in 1927 at The Christensen Agate Co. under contract with Hartford who patented same. The Akro Agate Company licensed its first gob feeder from the Hartford Empire in the fall of 1928. Both Fresse gob feeder patents were voided in the Federal Courts.

FREESE IMPROVEMENT: A term used by some collectors under the mistaken belief that due to Freese receiving a patent it must have worked. Mistakenly believed by some collectors that the Freese patents had something to do with eliminating the shear-marks on a machine-made marble to make them smoother or more spherical, which is actually a function of a marble forming machine and not a gob feeder, of which Fresse patented. Also, mistakenly believed by some collectors to have something to do with off-setting the helically grooved cylinders of a marble forming machine.

FRESSE, PRE-: The term “Pre-Fresse” is used by collectors to identify a design feature appearing on Akro Agate Company “Prize Name” marble (called Popeye by collectors) that resemble tiny feather -like features on the demarcation-line between two colors of glass. Collectors perceive this as a diagnostic feature revealing the marble’s date of manufacture as previous to Ira Fresse’s invention of The Akro Agate Company’s gob feeder, or pre 1922 and that Popeye marbles manufactured with the Fresse gob feeder do not carry these same feather-like features. The problem with the term (besides the fact the Fresse gob feeder didn’t work, never produced marbles and its patent was voided in federal courts) as presently used by collectors, a marble with a Pre-Fresse design feature is a gob fed marble made almost 5 years before the first successful use of a gob feeder and almost a decade before The Akro Agate Company obtained a working gob feeder.

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