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"uranium-Green" Uv Glow In Peltiers?


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Hi Folks,

I think I remember hearing that there were no Peltier Rainbos that show a "uranium-green" glow under UV. Although I am pretty sure I have a feathered Peltier slag with a vaseline base around here somewhere. Are there any other Pelts that show that type of UV-reactive glow or are they all thought to be Kokomos? Any thoughts about this?

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A wide variety of Peltiers glow green, NLR's including some citrus, christmas trees, zebras, and rebels, etcetera, plus some patches, slags, and clearies, and a surprising variety of Rainbos, too; usually in the base glass, sometimes in the ribbons. A lot of Peltier marbles also have ribbons or base glass that glow orange.

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