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Just A Cleary


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Winnie, I find transparent colored marbles are extremely hard to photograph with accurate details.....and from the pics given, I can see it has Red and Green and also that the marble contains a ton of bubbles (looks like a patch?).....My question is, when held against different angles of lighting, does the marbles' overall appearance and the shape of the seams perhaps have characteristics of an Akro patch?

EDIT: At the top half of the first picture (directly on and around the light reflections)....are those seams??

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Winnie, dont under estimate "Clearies". I have found over the years you have to inspect them very closely. For example i have found just a plain clear antique handmade shooter size that contains an air trap in it that looks like a tear drop, pretty neat. I found another transparent clear machine made that when hitting it with a blacklight i found florescent feathering in it that looks just like the feathering on peltier slags but internally, so check them all, you never know what may show up. Chuck G--

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The second set of photos look like its a transparent patch....Red transparent bubbly based glass with the trans green being the patch...

Maker?...HMMM Akro or Master.......just my two cents.....

PS-If its an Akro, its a pretty rare one...go check your Akro Patches, and see how many Transparent on Transparent's there are .......

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