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  1. I got my indoctrination into marble selling and buying when I first met Clyde at my first marble show in Granada Hills California (2001-2002?).... It was there where he purchased a golden rebel variant of which I sold to him ($80) without knowing really how much the marble was worth (I was a noobie).........As time went on and at every marble show that I would see him, I would ask to see "my baby" where he would proudly pull out his brag box and show it to me........Clyde was an avid Pelt collector and also had the most extensive Champion furnace marble assortment I've ever seen in one collection with at least 17 different samples.......a very knowledgeable and admirable collector and friend.....he will be missed greatly....RIP my friend
  2. I have moved these to the bay with starting prices of $9.99 and they will end on FRIDAY NIGHT 28MAR AROUND 5:00PM PST With a couple of hours left to bid, most of these are still at decent prices YOU CAN CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE AUCTIONS
  3. Yes it is....and Ive had it for a long time....I will do a full research (lunt marble club) and bring my findings to the board
  4. Mike, can you or anyone else please shed some info on the Lunt Ave marble club?....I have a vase with the same logo on it....Is the club or any of its past or present members still around...anyone know?
  5. I was seventeen when this came out.....just heard it for the first time in years.....brings back some memories.....Also was a fantastic movie that was pretty realistic about the J-O-B struggle for me as a teenager in Los Angeles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VvSFl4GpHw
  6. Winnie, they look like some of the marbles from the Veiligglas factory
  7. Well if gravity HASNT taken effect on those Opal Ladies by the end of your trip......savem for me at Fullerton.....lol
  8. Dont forget to consider that with so many different venues, you will find they demand many different prices for marbles..... -Live Auctions -Person to Person -Ebay -Flea Markets -Marble Shows -Antique Shops AND Malls All have lower and higher prices.....ultimately prices are between the buyer and seller....But not all venues will yeild HAPPY results for everyone
  9. With reference to eBay....Parrots are going for much more than MK spidermen RIGHT NOW.....Parrots average between $15-$35 and spidermen are sadly about $10-$20.....of course size condition and eye appeal are the MAIN deciding factors while bidding wars contribute to some of the hype too.....Its like real estate, values are always changing...however the values fluctuate more frequently for marbles....Whats hot and considered valuable today can be cheap and less desirable next week....My two cents
  10. The Alley "Opal Ladies" are of great interest......(column 1 marble 1 and column 4 marble 3)
  11. oops...I just read the YEAR.....1900???....Geez, your package is over a hundred years late already!!!
  12. That's a "total let down"......They get you all set up and ready to receive whatever you've anxiously been waiting for and then all of a sudden....more delay...The Christmas/NewYear holiday is most likely the reason Except for the price, I don't see any differences in services when using USPS..."First Class" mail will arrive just as quick as "Priority Mail" in most cases but yet Priority Mail is more expensive.... Good luck on your delivery, I hope you get you new webcam soon.....
  13. This example is an extreme exaggeration but try to look at it in this way........ Think of yourself as Bank of America Person A (the DOD) Person B (B of A members and potential future members) Person A has been your good friend for many years..... Person B has also been your good friend for many years..... One day Person A decides to kill everyone in person B's family.....and because you've had a close association with Person A for many years, Person B now has disdain for you thinking you have a mutual feeling for Person A's actions upon their family. "Images do not represent any endorsement expressed or implied" simply means since the DOD killed all of your family members, it wasnt a "mutual" feeling BUT ALSO...... "LIFE IS BETTER WHEN WE ARE CONNECTED" means even though the DOD are killers, we will take their money as well as yours!!....lol
  14. Ann....here are 2 "MARBLES" that I used to own.....The first one I sold 6 years ago..was it you who bought either one of these from me?.......at the time I thought it was a Turq Persian.....It certainly appears to be very much hand gathered and it glowed under UV lighting..... Here is the other one I sold 2 years ago ....it also glowed but had more of a greenish color....(imperial jade?).....Are these MFC, Akro, CAC or just plain ole game marbles?....any thoughts?
  15. I see Patches, clearies, Jabo Classics and Cats eyes.....
  16. Found a Pelt Blue Surfer with AV on the bay.did anyone else see this? Has light green base with blue and white ribbons (miller style) and the blue is edged in AV throughout the marble Here is the auction link CLICK HERE I totally missed the Blue Surfer as I am currently on an Akro kick and was initially bidding for the green, red and yellow/orange corkscrew second marble fourth row. Discovered that the last marble second row is the Blue Surfer yesterday when looking at the rest of the purchase
  17. After selling at "this particular" flea market (PCC) for several years, you develop regular customers...Sometimes you will make between $200 to $500....but other times you wont make enough to pay for the booth....The demand is not that high, but the "uniqueness" of having nothing but marbles at your booth is an attention getter for many people visiting the flea.......It definitely has to be an "antique venue" type of flea market and not the kind where consumables and new items are being sold....hope that answers your question
  18. Thanks Steph and Winnie, often times people bring marbles to my booth to sell but this was the "mother-load" I do 3 Flea markets per month where i sell nothing but marbles.....Here is my setup at the Pasadena City College flea market (1rst Sunday of each month)
  19. I put together a little animated gif to display what has to be "my best find ever" (last year).....Ive been a regular vendor at the Pasadena City College Flea market for the past 11 years now.....and a person who I occasionally find furniture for came to MY BOOTH and immediately said he was looking for $60 for the Jar (A total of 144 marbles).....after pouring all of those Oxblood's out I actually felt obligated to offer a much higher amount which he was glad to take.....I dont want to reveal how much I paid for the marbles but I will say this:.....It cost me less than what it would cost for a full steak dinner for a party of two at an expensive steakhouse (with wine).....I'm still "stoked"
  20. Heres one I forgot to post during the hallowen holiday...its a Pelt "ghoul"....(the eyes are blowout bubble pops) The "ghostly" body completely circles the marble
  21. Those are "stellar" whether the are Akro, Master or Euro.........Not excluding either company but these would certainly be hard to find in this size and color combo (with AV) for Akro or Master.....My guess would be Euro
  22. Thats the "cleanest" one Ive ever seen Winnie...Here's one of mine....I always thought it was oxblood as well Here are some other Euro cats, sparklers and swirls......(disregard the one on the far right... its still under investigation as a figure 8/foreign/Peltier)
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