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Red/black Lutz Marble

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Hey Andrea!

Still think your Blue Bee is about the greatest thing I've ever seen.

But this marble is definitely spectacular, and what I'm thinking now

in a broad sense is that something goes on in difficult economic

times which has a way of intensifying the normal 'wheat from the

chaff' price distinctions. So some marbles which fall slightly below

a certain threshold of desirability wind up under-valued, and those

above it can go through the roof. Even if this is a temporary

condition, it certainly seems like a reliable 'indicator' that you have

something pretty special. ( :

Saw this post at Jabo Land today, which seemed to ask a similar

'what's up with this' sort of question.


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Guest browse4antiques

I find the grading difficult to understand. In looking at the pics, I believe I see nicks that would bring the grade down to 8.8 or 8.9. ... Roger

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Guest browse4antiques

Yes, as I said, I find the grading to be difficult to understand. Why use the standard numeric ratings, and then bump everything up so that a near-mint marble is rated as 9.5? On the scale as described, it looks like anything under 9.8 could show play damage. ... Roger

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For me as long as there are great pics, I will go by the pics and not so much the description. Dani is one where she takes great pics. You can see if there are any flaws. I still believe the size is the biggest factor and then the black base was the second factor. The market right now is wierd. Some prices are over. While others are under.

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