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TO anyone who can help,

I am a very new glass collector and I purchased some large marbles that I can't identify. I got them at an estate sale from someone who loved marbles and had a huge collection. I know that some are onion skin, there is a swirl, but don't know what kind of marbles the white and blue one and the white and green ones are. I also have no idea of a maker or age, can anyone help? Also just let me know what else you need to see to id these marbles. There are two pictures of each marble and sorry about the fingerprints on them

Thanks in advance












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Hello Chris.

I think that these are all contemporaries -- that is, made relatively recently.

But I've never seen one quite like that first one. I'm going to move this to the main forum so that more people who know contemporaries will see it.

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LOL, these are from the same auction I went too. The autctioneer was talking about how on the Friday sale some guy bought all they had. this guy lives right down the road! I am a blossoming collector and am trying to find out for my purposes. Thanks for that link, at least maybe others will contribute info to his descriptions.

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