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Akro Lily Planter Question - Any Collectors That Can Share Some Knowledge?

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Hello everyone,

I usually collect only Akro marbles, but I found something I couldn't pass up in an antique shop up in Maine. It is an Akro Lily Planter with the Akro stamp and the "MADE IN U.S.A." "657" on the bottom.

In the MADE IN THE U.S.A. stamp, the N and the S are backwards. It caught my eye, so I bought it.

My question is, is this a normal thing for the Akro ware, or might I have something kind of unusual here? Either way, it's pretty cool to find an error stamp for me, I like finding unusual things in antique shops. Any input would be awesome, and thanks!

Happy hunting :)


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I think I have some with the letters backwards also but they are in a rear load cabinet . will looks some day but there still on the common side , and I do love moss agate ade so have one that is about 1 5/16 it is so big it is a little egg shaped . 1.310 X 1 250 . Mike



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So how about that avatar marble?

It looks pretty awesome, and is there any chance you have

a full size picture? And what's it called?

Do you like lots of questions? :rolleye-842:

And the same for Mike!

What's up with that burgundy red cornucopia with the white trim?

Never seen one, and it definitely stands out!

Also wondering about planter #2 in the bottom row of your cabinet.

Think that's the same one I have.

So far, this particular type has the best colors I've seen.

Mine has a breath-taking bottom of the inside, which sort of bums

me out since it makes it kind of unusable planter-wise. But I'll live.

Have a picture somewhere, and will post it when I find it.

Here's my personal favorite of the few non-marble Akros I have.

The technical term is "Concentric Ring Thingy". (Not good with names.)

I think it looks pretty good here paired with a very nice Jabo marble.

But I have a better picture somewhere which includes the lid,

so that'll be another one for later when I find it. ( :


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