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End Of An Era


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Apparently the only thing I've ever given a damn about is becoming redundant.

I pretty much feel like crying every time I think about this and its implications.

From recent New York Times article:

CHICAGO — The Chicago Sun-Times laid off its entire full-time photography staff Thursday, including a Pulitzer Prize winner, in a move that the newspaper’s management said resulted from a need to shift toward more online video.

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Haven't had any luck with seeing the whole page, but appreciate

the 'reporters with iPhones' line, which kind of sums up the problem.

Although the endless 'liking and reblogging' at the end is a perfect

example of the crap some people consider 'communication' these days.

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Hi guys, been a while. I'll pop in a little more now and again. Hope you are all doing fantastic!

Being a photographer myself I thought I would jump in here and agree. It is a shame how things are "progressing".

For now my photography is more hobby than for a living, while I do sell prints now and again. When I retire from my regular work, the plan is to subsidize the income with photography. Likely real estate photography. I will face the decline of business due to the digital era. Everyone with a cell phone or digital camera now claims to be a photographer. Many real estate agents take their own photos rather than use a professional these days. They forget there is an art to doing these things well and if you look at the product they put out...against a pro...it shows.

While I love the technology for ease of information purposes and such, I fear....

Face to face interaction and having something tangible to read or look at is not only going south quality wise but I am afraid is becoming a thing of the past to a disturbing degree.I personally enjoy having a paper to hold and read with my coffee more than turning on the pooter.

Should you be curious about my images....you can find them at http://pheupel-photography.smugmug.com/

shameless plug. =}

Marble on!

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