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Lutz In Machine Marbles For Sure Alley Or Akro Or ??


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well just the other day I picked up a few marbles and then there was the post about adventurine well I saw one with the clearies the green one and then almost missed the blue one , but the sun light helped . So this I think shows some of the manufacturers played with Lutz I think did any one find any in the digs?? I will post the marbles they were found in , I have a lot more pics but will keep it down . Mike







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Many times certain cantaminants will form a crystally material in glass as it cools. Also many microscopic contaminants will form microfractures that have the appearence of crystal formations. I believe that is the case in these marbles. I have found it to be common in certain Akros and Masters. The actual crystal shape can be seen for most all true aventurines when examined under strong magnification and are very distinct for various types, The other stuff looks like little individually shaped pieces of dust or junk. Under very strong magnification the crystalline shapes can even be seen in good high quality Oxblood glass.

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Very interesting ....

I had a mystery marble -- a very ugly marble -- which had a lot of gold-looking material in it, but it was deep inside and on the backside of a really ugly patch. Did I mention the marble was ugly? It was kind of moldy looking.

My best guess for my marble was that it was foreign. A tiny bit master-y. But mostly moldy.

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