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A Tribute To Our President...

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...our Texas marble club president, that is. Edna Eaton needs no introduction, but her collection of mibs and related items has gone unmentioned/unseen for way too long.
Upon my arrival I was frozen at the driveway entrance by Weldon's famous marble tree. It is an inviting and colorful candy-land experience. What a sight it must be for the first time for a youngster who stumbles on this tree in their neighborhood.
Edna's cats were napping away and one of them (Fluffy kitty?) even had a paw over its ear (marble-hangover?) while we vigorously discussed marbles for what seemed to be hours. What fun we had.
I took a few pictures that I thought everyone might enjoy.
Thank you again Edna, for the warm Southern hospitality. You guys just don't know what you're missing.



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