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Help What Company Made This Small Gera Shift Knob


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well it is not a shift knob but the end for a Boyce Moto Meter radiator cap . I think they were made in the 20's so any ideas as not a lot of companys out there at that time might als be newer bit made for cars in the 20's but it might be a after market ?/ Mike



here is the one I have .





it is about 1 7/16 in dia and the insert is 5/16 fine thread 5/16 -24

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The only company I specifically know of actually made them out of stone -- the California Onyx Co. .... aka the California Agate Co.

I take that back. I'm pretty sure I do remember seeing listings for a company which made them out of glass -- or at least distributed them. I just wasn't paying that much attention because I was interested in the stone ones. I'll see if I can find that company's name.

In the meantime, here is a 1925 ad featuring an onyx radiator cap.


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Well, I may still keep looking but Globe sounds right for the name I saw the most back when I was looking for info about stone radiator caps. Note the "Crystal-Onyx" name ... which frustrated stone onxy sellers and led to a case before the FTC.

A 1926 ad for a Globe Specialty Co. cap which has the winged wheel on it like the ones you showed above:


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That 1926 ad mentions Ford but isn't quite clear about why. This ad makes the Ford connection more clear:


What exactly do you mean by "after market". If a Ford dealer installed it after it arrived from the factory, is that "after market"?

I do remember seeing ads in newspapers so people could get them at stores and not just from dealerships -- at least I'm pretty sure the ads were for department stores or hardware stores or something and not dealerships.

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"If a Ford dealer installed it after it arrived from the factory, is that "after market"? yes that would be an after market , mine are glass and I think the ones in my pictures are also , had to be made where they mage glass shift knobs and they would also be after marker as they were not put on on the assembley line . Mike

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Terry never looked as it is just a picture I have from the web . but I do have 3 of them the one single and a matched pair , I am listing the single one on the bay tonight thought I might get more info . Still thinking about making a display out of a shift lever from an old truck top shift trany , I have the stick and it is nice and long just waiting till I get some down time . my first gear shift knob cost me $2200 but it also came with a 5 window model A 1930 still have the know but no coupe . Boy made me think as I dragged it home 35 miles with a tow chain , only took a few hours to get it running . any ways just thinking back . Mike


looking at the picture remember the door knobs ?? see mine ?

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the imperial glass co of bellaire ohio made gear shift knobs and spinners...the company was another name before that and have been there a long time...i cant remember the name right now but if you google imperial glass..read the history its in there....

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