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Just wanted to let all my friends here know that I'm offering you

♪ Only you......♪

advance notice of my Thanksgiving sale! You can take advantage of this once

in a lifetime offer anytime in the next ten days before the general public cleans me out!

Not only can you get one of my quality bedroom sets at well below the $10,000 price

I paid, (I know! I'm CRAZY!) but I'm going to include a super-special 'REAL' marble just for you!

How could anyone on my super-limited list of top-notch VIP clients pass this up?



(Marble shown is 'representative'. Your marble may not have the same colors or patterns.

Your marble may not have any colors or patterns at all. Marble can not be guaranteed to

to be round. It will not necessarily be made of glass. Incredibly old and valuable marbles

are expected to have normal wear and tear such as monumental flea-bites, Orca sized

blow holes, huge (they call me Mr.) chips, and caverns capable of accepting tour groups.)

A special thanks to Dani and Ernie for (hopefully) not

minding my using one of their photos. It was the best

looking GR marble and photo I could find. :blush:

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Geez Lady!

You're killing me here!

Okay, gonna give you a chance to bust my chops fair and square!

See the Queen?

Down she goes!

Back and forth!

Forth and back!

Find the lady!

We New Yorkers will get you one way or another! :D

(Of course you're right about the financing, but I was saving that

in case no one recognized the already extraordinary value!)

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