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Stocking Stuffers

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Back in September, I was invited to Sauder Village to demonstrate the second generation marble machine for visitors.

As luck would have it, there happened to be a reasonably seasoned resident glass artist on site - Mark Matthews.

During the four days of fun, we made a few interesting marbles.

Some of these rare gems are for sale and would make great stocking stuffers.

You can find a few of Mark's personal collaboration marbles available through his website:


See all four pages.

There was an article in the Toledo Blade documenting our demonstration:



How the Collaboration Marbles are Made

When Mark cleans up the end of his cane, he snips off a "nub" of glass.

Please refer to photo "Step 20" in Baumann's book, "Collecting Antique Marbles".

Mark has been keeping these "nubs" since the second Reagan Administration (circa 1985).

When you visit his shop, you can see them stored in "bottles" up in the rafters.

The "bottles" are really unfinished jars for his Population Portrait series.

Mark hand selected "nubs" and arranged them in a kiln.

The "nubs" where pre-heated to prevent thermal shock.

With a hot punty, Mark would then pick up each "nub" until an appropriate sized assemblage was gathered.

The mass was heated until molten, then cut off into the machine for rounding.

Rounded marbles were removed and placed into another kiln for annealing.

No two are alike.

Marbles deemed worthy by Mark are signed: "Mark Matthews JM 2013"

Only signed marbles are being sold by Mark.


John McCormick

"Shamrock Marbles"

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These are sort of cool but it is Unbelievable how well a good artists name can make sales. Melted scraps for the same price as these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPKKQnijnsM And a lot of his stuff is on par with Mathews. Some things just make no sense to me.

well ... good artists get the label because they make .. good art . people know their name. seems natural they receive .. good money .. for their efforts. what's unbelievable about that ? maybe more self-promotion on the other artist's will get him-her out there to be on par .. :music-rocker-001: .. bill

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nothing wrong with any of it, And it is actually believable. I just found it amazing that melted scraps were selling so fast and spouted off.. Guess it is one way to own something the artist had a small part in. As for the the comparison to CAs, thats just plain ridiculous. Beauty and rarity are what drive those prices). Of course my fellow pot stirrer was probably just doing that.

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