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Patriotism And Nuisance Lawsuits


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Just saw what I thought was a particularly well-done ad from Bank of America.

Here's a close-up of what appeared at the end of it.

(Scroll down for a link to the full commercial and final comments.)


I'm kind of blown away by this. Although I halfway understand all the fine print we see

everywhere, (or don't see because it's made to go by too quickly), this situation really

makes me wonder just how screwed-up things are in general. What's implied here?

That Bank of America is concerned that they could possibly be sued by the government?

Here's a 'tuber' link to the commercial. What do you think?

Seems to me that most people at the DOD or other agencies would be more likely

to be angered by the fine print legalese implication that they might not like this ad!


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Thanks. There're just too many things going on these

days that people accept blindly. They need to be questioned.

Still loving the new holiday avatar!

It'll be hard to find a replacement for that one!

(But if anyone can do it......) :)

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hard to understand why someone would have thought a tribute to veterans needed a disclaimer like that.

This example is an extreme exaggeration but try to look at it in this way........

Think of yourself as Bank of America

Person A (the DOD)

Person B (B of A members and potential future members)

Person A has been your good friend for many years.....

Person B has also been your good friend for many years.....

One day Person A decides to kill everyone in person B's family.....and because you've had a close association with Person A for many years, Person B now has disdain for you thinking you have a mutual feeling for Person A's actions upon their family.

"Images do not represent any endorsement expressed or implied" simply means since the DOD killed all of your family members, it wasnt a "mutual" feeling

BUT ALSO......

"LIFE IS BETTER WHEN WE ARE CONNECTED" means even though the DOD are killers, we will take their money as well as yours!!....lol

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