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Non Marble Collection For Kbobam


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This one reminds me a bit of yours.

It's made in Holland in the glassfactory in Leerdam,it dates from 1931.

It's called marbled glass.

My oldest son once had a whole collection of this type of glass.

Yours are beautiful and i think the colors are a bit brighter than mine.



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Another Paul with terrific non-marble glass!

If I'm remembering correctly, I'm guessing the

larger image on the right and the oxblood at

the bottom are your new additions. The

overall layout of this photo showing all of

these pieces at once is spectacular!

Winnie's piece is wonderful, and if you told me

it was Akro I certainly wouldn't doubt it. It has

the slightly more complicated 'dreamy' look

that most Akro glass has. (Said with my very

limited knowledge.) But it looks to me like

"The Jeeperman Collection" is going to mostly

consist of the graphically outrageous 'in your

face' show-stoppers. Very impressive! The

newer one on the right is kind of a combination

of the two styles.

Is Lindeboom the name used by a particular maker

in Leerdam? I tried looking it up and only came up

with a beer by that name. Which reminded me that

I once tried a beer called Oranjeboom, and it was

so good that I kept drinking them until I started

seeing colors similar to those in the ashtray. :blink:


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Hey Paul, do you think the glass in the new oxblood tray is the same as

is in either the milky or silver oxblood marbles? I'm asking because I've always thought the ultimate

way to display the ashtrays would be to have one or more marbles of identical glass in them.

I have no idea how often non-marble pieces have a corresponding marble, but it would be pretty

interesting to find out.

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Bob, I have looked at that and have so far not found a marble that fits the bill. I can get light thru them, however the base seems to have a creme tan-ish tone, I would love to find some that matched up and would immediately display them that way. I would love to find the lemonade oxblood tray....or I should say one I could afford. lol

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Huh! Is there a lemonade ashtray?

That would be really nice, but I wouldn't think it would

be more expensive than the others you have.

Maybe having a well-known 'name' pumps it up.

For what it's worth, my personal opinion (which my lawyer

informs me I must tell you might be completely wrong) is

that the really 'outrageous' Akro pieces you're collecting

are probably the closest thing to an 'investment' that

you're going to find in the marble and similar world.

They seem to pretty much bring top dollar consistently,

and with the economy as it is, I'd say keep buying them

if you're getting reasonable deals. Pretty sure you'll at

least stay ahead of inflation. And if you're enjoying the

heck out of it, you're that much more ahead of the game.

So if you have any family members or friends who think you're

nuts, like most of us have, just tell them that Bob said it was okay! :lol:

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You would think, huh. Although the lemonade & ox is a bit rare and commands a premium price. It is right up there or better than the embossed pieces. I have only seen a couple and the run a bit over $500 to near $6. Maybe I will get real lucky and find one in the wild. lol As for the few I have collected, they were not free but no where near that. I have been finding some very fair deals. Like everything right now...a little more affordable than a few years ago. I do think these will rebound as much as anything. Either way, I love them and will be holding onto them. =}

Yes, the friends and family surely think I have lost it at times, I will make sure that they know you said it was all good! :music-rocker-001:

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