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Ups Time Machine

William Marbles

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Hello Everyone...

Well I went to UPS website to track my new webcam I got coming.... (evi-d100) Wanted to see if it would be here today, since it's 17 miles away....

Look at what it said...

Scheduled For Early Delivery On:

Tuesday, 01/02/1900, By End of Day

Originally Scheduled For Delivery On:

Monday, 12/30/2013, By End of Day


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That's a "total let down"......They get you all set up and ready to receive whatever you've anxiously been waiting for and then all of a sudden....more delay...The Christmas/NewYear holiday is most likely the reason

Except for the price, I don't see any differences in services when using USPS..."First Class" mail will arrive just as quick as "Priority Mail" in most cases but yet Priority Mail is more expensive....

Good luck on your delivery, I hope you get you new webcam soon.....

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Saw a story about this on Yahoo this morning.

If I'm remembering correctly, I think there were normal problems

with the delivery companies that could probably have been adjusted

for, but the ever-increasing use of online shopping outfits, and their

increasing use of 'last-minute' special deals, was just overwhelming.

Here's a similar story.

Sorry all this info doesn't help you in a practical sense!


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