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From An Auction Last Year

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Here are more from that same auction. I also got peewees, both patches and cateyes....lots of both, some clays and benningtons, some German handmades, some white ones with single pontil marks, and many many others that I still have not gone through yet. There were thousands of marbles.. I have sold quite a few already but I still have lots left. I have some great master ....you know...like akro sparklers...only master...? got some popeyes, including one hybrid.....pelts including Christmas trees, liberties and the ones with the black, red and white.













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I paid about $880 plus shipping for everything that I got. I have sold a lot already. Did you see my other showing of corks that I just listed? I have those available, at least 99% of them. I saw in your topic where you were wanting Indian Summer Jabos that you also buy corks.

I love corks :)

PM me pics and prices lol

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