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Best Question On Marbles I Have Listed


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Hi, Can you tell me the "square footage" dimension of how many marbles there are if they are on a mat one marble deep? I'm thinking of using them for an art project for my son's room. Thanks! Joni Beigh p.s. I need a total of about 6 square feet.


this is easy as just figure that every marble is .625 and there is 20 marbles by 21 marbles so with no space between each marble it would be 12.5 inches by 13.125 inches and that is 164.0625 square inches or 164.0625in² = 1.1393ft² so it is only 1.1393 square feet so you would have to buy a few more and I have a lot more chipped marbles if you need more . the board is 16inches by 16 inches and the holes that hold the marbles are 3/4 on center . hope this helps . View Pics and Bid . Mike

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I don't think that that answered the question. Each marble, if you are using standard 5/8 mibs is .625 inches in diameter. a square foot is 12 inches long and wide and six square feet is about 2 feet long by 3 feet wide or 24 inches long by 36 inches wide. Take 24 inches and divide it by .625 and you have the number of marbles in the shortest row, or a line 2 feet wide. Take 36 inches and divide it by .625 and you have the number of rows of marbles you need in 3 feet. Now take the number of marbles in a 2 foot line, 38.4, and multiply it by the number of rows of marbles in three feet, 58.6, and you have the exact number of marbles you will have in a 6 square foot area. 38.4 times 58.6 equals 2,250.24 marbles.....exactly. Now get a few extras because in that many marbles you are bound to find a few that you just can't bare to put on a wall and will want to keep for yourself !!!! lol

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