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Just Wanted To Say....... Hello

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Good to see so many of you still kicking!

SP... great new stuff!

Good to see the same old Clyde.

I might be relocating my glass studio, still not sure but something is in the works.

We still have property in WV, I haven't been to it in about a year. planning a trip in the spring when mushrooms are popping, might have time to visit a few old friends when there.

Sad to read Randy Gossett passed away, way back when... we were good buds and shared some great times, I have a photo of Randy, Paula and I at Wheaton, I had both of them on my lap LOL... what a great show that used to be.

A couple years ago, Dean Six walks into my glass shop and is eyeballing my marble case, I finished a vase and walked over and shook his hand, he almost passed out, he said..."I thought you were dead!" LOL, he had no idea he was in my gallery.

Fact is, I am still kicking and doing fine! not so much into marbles anymore but still have quite a bit and occasionally find a few.


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