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Happy Valentine's Day!


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The photo below is not one of mine, but it fits the mood.

Does anyone have any 'heart' marbles?

A Special Bit Of Advice For The Guys:

(Ladies! I'm assuming that in good faith you'll read no further!)

Okay, let's be real here.

Look at yourself! To put it kindly, you have your faults. (Of course I'm including myself.)

The fact that your beautiful wife or partner continues to see your good points enough to

want to continue to be with you makes you the luckiest guy in the world.

So here's the kicker. If you actually say something like this at some point, you just might be able

to get away with that gift you got at the gas station around the corner and not sleep on the couch. B)


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Paul, that's just beautiful with the perfectly placed limited area of focus.

(Did you shoot that with the 400?)

Overall, it looks very Japanesey to me, if that makes any sense.

Mibstified's burning hot marble is, to my way of looking at things,

taking more of a 'fire down below' approach to V-day.

Which is another great way to see it!

I remember once when I was younger and had a job delivering food,

that I got kind of confused wondering why so many people were

coming to their door in their bathrobes. Later that night when I

figured out it was Valentine's day and put two and two together

I was pretty embarrassed. ( :

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Could be!

I did have a feeling of having seen this one before, but not quite.

(Yay! Friday night! Everything I say is so crystal clear and logical!)

Wait a minute. It just came back to me. I was about to ask you to

tell me where the other photo was, but I'm pretty sure I remember it

now. Was it in so-called 'landscape format'? The white flowers.

That was magnificent! I hope I said something nice. I was very

impressed by the flowers I'd never seen before, and might not have

been thinking in 100% photographic terms. Unusual for me!

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Good point about the 'thousand words'!

Kind of like a great painting or other type of art.

There doesn't need to be a clean-cut message intended

by the artist which you need to understand perfectly.

If it gets you really thinking in any direction, it's done its job!

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