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is this one of those guys who sets up at a marble show with his collection and pretends he wants to sell, and everything is priced so crazy that no one will buy anything, but he's ok with it... he just wants to pretend

Good question. I have seen a couple guys like that at shows and always walk away puzzled how they manage to sell anything.

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So who's gonna pay $3,000 for a Vitro? Probably no one unless the one or two collectors who happen to get this listing happen to have just won the Power Ball Lotto. Or whatever.

If you buy this marble and don't absolutely agree it is all that, just let me know and I'll see to it that you may print out a return label for you to use to send it back to me absolutely free of charge so you don't even risk one cent.

almost makes you want to bid and just return before it is shipped

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