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2014 Marble Show In Fullerton California

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I'll be seeing you on Wednesday. Hope you have that big bowl of candy again. I waited until Friday to come last year & about died when I seen some of the mibs picked up the previous 2 days. Decided I wasn't going to let that happen again. Missed a lot of mib education also. Everyone was so willing to share their knowledge the two days I was there. Coulda learned a lot more with 2 extra days. You do a great job there, Rich. Can't wait to get there in 3 days!!!!!!! I need a CAC that will blind a man if he stares at it too long.


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Hey everyone, we had over 400 people come through the door the first 2 hours of the show and stayed busy all 6 hours. I had to "clear them out" at 3pm because we had to be cleaned up by 4 since a wedding was going to use the ballroom! I stopped counted after 2 hours there were so many people from the public coming through the door!

It was sure nice to see Galen!

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