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For Fans Of Old Cars And Doris Day


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Apparently it was Doris Day's birthday the other day.

I'm having a great time watching 'The Doris Day Show'

marathon on my local station.

Personally, I can't imagine how anyone my age (with a +40

and -10 thrown in) couldn't be secretly totally in love with her.

But car-wise, I just screwed up. I erased the first episode I

recorded, which showed her car from the front. Now, in the

opening credits, they only show her car from the rear.

Can any of you moto-heads identify this vehiclle?

The entire fantasy idea of Doris showing up at my house in

this real car is causing me some serious retro-insanity! :rolleyes:


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Thanks, Galen

You got to the root of the problem!

The two car situation threw me off.

Saw the rear end of one in the opening credits,

and the front end of the other in the show.

Just assumed it was the same car. D'oh!

Both of them nice 'real' cars, in my opinion.

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