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Weekend Finds

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hard to say B, looking at the vintage Murano weights and vases with those canes in them I am hoping to get lucky. I'll do a small one with about a dozen canes as a test first. I have been using SP-87 w/ Erbium. the yellows seem similar to #77 and #78 also the lapis blue seems dead on in color.

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Yes Ro makes his own using Kugler and Reichenbach rod, helped him make some at Wheaton a few years ago.

I checked the Murano website and found the cane I have may be special mix millefiori 104, I'll still give it a try as I've found the SP-87 W/ER coe 96 has a bit of flexibility, I've used bullseye aventurine with a coe of 87-89 without failure so I will cross my fingers.

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