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Speaking Of Moto-Heads


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I remember a beginner's car repair guide from years ago which had a funny cover.

A very perplexed guy was looking into the trunk (in the front) of an old Beetle, and scratching his head.

I feel the same way looking at this! ( :

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Heck Lloyd, I have to set a week aside just to read the owners manual. Got it Monday and will need the rest of the year to figure out all the buttons and controls. But it sure is fun having a car that you can set the cruise control on 160. Problem now being I just did traffic school 2 months ago for a speeding ticket so I can't get one for a year. Or it goes on my record and I have great Insurance rates I don't need going up! It got up to 90 yesterday so the neatest button I found so far is the seat cooler!!!! Yea I miss the 64 Impala with the 327 but this beast is even more fun. And I hate to say it but Jaguars eat Impalas.


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The battery's in the trunk? I like this car!

That's old-school high-performance thinking.

I want to say the original Shelby Mustangs did this as well, but I'm not positive.

Still, it's a logical way to help balance the front/rear weight ratio.

So in spite of all the high-tech stuff in this car,

they're not completely abandoning time-honored concepts. Nice! ( :

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