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Had A Good Day Match Pair Green Onion Skins

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well here are a few to ad to the collection . the two green onions are a nice size at .925 big 7/8 small 15/16 .

the German wire pulls are nice a few even look like flames . the new contempt is marked with some very bad hand writing but the year is 08 , almost wish every one would take some time when scratching there name , I should list and call it wish I knew . Mike

all these but I lost 4 marbles . always good to trade / sell .









I think the green are some what rare ?/ or at least for me very close to same cane ?? let me know ? Mike

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Nice marbles! I like the flamey ones, of course. Please let me know if you decide to sell them. The handmades are very nice too. As for the green ones, I would say a less common color and same shop, perhaps.

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