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Nyc Architecture Fun (?) Fact!


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This is the San Remo apartment building in New York City.

It's the one with the twin towers.

Does it look familiar?

You've probably seen it dozens of times without knowing it!

96.432% of all movies and television shows that take place

in Manhattan have at least one scene where it's in the background.

Many of them in the opening credits. Film makers can't resist it.

Check out this link for famous people who live(d) there, and other stuff.


At the moment, there are some 3-bedroom apartments available,

ranging in price from 8 to 30 million dollars. Don't know what the

monthly co-op fee would be. Life's too short to worry about such things! :lol:

But if you'd like to check the place out before committing yourself,

there's also a rare 4-bedroom rental for only 30 thousand monthly!

Tempting as it is, I will not be residing in this building anytime in the near-future.


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