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1 Hybrid Rare 1940"s Peltier Glass (30) Pack Marble King Marbles

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I'll sell one at half price and include s/h! I sent him a nice email explaining the difference between NLR and common Rainbos - we'll see.

me too al ... nicely ... but no responce ... i usually just grin and move on, but ... was bored ... bill

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Mine cost me 25.00

My Pelt MK bag in mesh, cost me 29.00

I think Half is silly as well ;)

The marble market is dying in all areas in dead in many. I know several high end marbles do really well,but that is perpetuated by old collectors whom, like myself, feel a need to get this or complete that.

I got in at the right time as far as I am concerned. I get to buy what I have wanted as a child, pay less and make beautiful shelf displays for my own aesthetic pleasure.

. ALL hobbies have resurgence down the road,my kids will reap the benefits of my hobby....but it may be 20-40yrs from now :)

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