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Not One, But Two !!

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I was of a mind i was living in a vacuum....today a buyer from ebay drove up from Macon and we did some trading :)

I checked ebay and the OTHER guy who bought Ox corks lives within 2 miles of my mothers house, 50 miles up the road !!!

Now if only the guy in Athens isn;t shy, maybe the 3 of us could get together and start swapping and look for more collectors !

Why, 3 is almost a marble club :P

Ok, my silly post for the week :)

I was pleased to find a guy living 50 miles south, drove up, paind in person, bought another 80.00 in marbles and traded me 30.00 in Cub scouts and bees for my jars, it was nice ;) I have reached out to the other buyer who lives 50 miles north so maybe he will want to connect. Would be less of a lonely hobby to have 2 local friends in it. I gotta be honest, I was on my last leg. Decided to finish off my MK jars then walk away from it. Too difficult to find what I want and when I do it is usually at gouge -fest, maybe things will start looking up

I still find it funny that in 2 years I find no one and then in 24 hours I find 2 ;)

Hope all have great weekends


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