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Cats And Marbles


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Ha! I haven't even clicked the 'post' button yet, but I already know

that this topic will have a 'Hot' insignia in no time! Well, maybe. :rolleyes:

So really, what's it like to have cat(s) and marbles?

I've never had a cat other than feline neighbors who visit occasionally.

Started thinking about this because of a new-to-me commercial.

It certainly seems to suggest that cats find small rolling things appealing.

(Except for the one yawning guy who looks sort of bored.)


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I saw that commercial yesterday and was jealous.

I wish we had floors where kitties can play. We had a floor like that before we moved here. When things rolled off they went to an accessible corner that the cats loved. Here things roll to spots with carpet or under the piano and aren't fun anymore.

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Ha! I liked MMB's no-nonsense response.

(Try putting Rod Serling's voice to her words. It works perfectly!)

It's good to know that cats aren't perfect. But I bet they're 'forgiven' a lot. ( :

Steph, I know an excellent concrete guy who can set you up.

He'll build what are effectively miniature 'skateboard ramps' in your problem areas.

Everything will roll where it should! :P

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