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Anybody Have Any Alox Patches?


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I'm pretty sure I've also seen a photo of an Alox bag which had at least one patch mixed in with swirls but as I recall it was a smallish picture with little detail visible on the patch.

Anyone here with bags with patches in them?

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Here's the picture I was thinking of. I don't remember if I blew this up from something smaller or if it came that way. It would have been part of a set of pictures Nancy Frier sent of marbles her father brought straight from the Alox factory.

Looks like a red patch in there ....


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Tough one. Here is a picture of Nancy's display of Alox but hard to tell if there are any patches there. Also a picture of a mesh bag where two in the upper right could be patches. And, picture of a poly bag with 5 shooters, 4 patches, but could very well be a "filled" bag. I have some other bags with obvious filled marbles like MK cat's-eyes and patches (although Alox could have bought the marbles and packaged them - seems like there have been stories about the purchases).




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Nancy's dad Jack seemed to clearly remember his father tinkering with the machines until he could make patches.

Most don't agree that they were the patches which look like Master marbles. It seems quite possible that at Mr. Frier's advanced age and in the state of health he was in, he may have misremembered which patches were made.

However, I think the element of truth in that story is that patches were made. The question is which patches were made.

So, I'm ruling out the 1"-ers which look like Masters and the obvious Marble Kings which were made after Alox quit manufacturing marbles. But that still leaves some possibilities which it might be fun to zoom in on.

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I got nuttin.' I'm too busy scrabbling around in my Alleys for the few I have that look like some in Nancy's Alox display. Or like those flames on the bottom row in your first pic, Steph.

It just gets harder and harder, don't it?

>>runs away screaming<<

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