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German, Asian... ??? Nice Seam


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Between German and Asian, I'd go with Asian. To me the seams seem as Asian as they do German. My first guess would be Japan and 1930's. [Edit: that is if we're ruling out American possibilities. If it were found in America, I could believe it was made here. But I still wouldn't be sure by whom. Might guess Peltier but wouldn't feel great about that guess.]

Not sure what you mean by Transulate.

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Well, the date on marbles such as those below is in question, but my best guess is 1930's based on when the Reg'lar Fellers were popular and on my guesses about the availability of marbles from Japan in the 1940's.


Also, MarbleAlan estimated the date on these as 1930's:


Sorry, don't have a larger photo.

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